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strangefour November 23
    Happy Thanksgiving! And soooooo loooong Tripod:P This site will still be here for a while, but I ain't gonna update here anymore. Go over to my new home at Keenspace. Infact you should be auto forwarded there in... 30 second. Ba-bye. *wave*
strangefour November 20
    You can still find comics here, but I suggest you go over to my new comic home. Or as I think of it NEO BETA EX PLUS OMEGA. There will be more stuff there, if not yet, soon.
strangefour November 17
    How many time do I have to tell you all. Strip before you come in here. This is a clothing optional communtity.
    Hopefully on Tuesday I'll be finished with the first build for my spot at KeenSpace. Wish me luck, and go out pimpin' my comic to the masses.
strangefour November 15
    Now I want you all to strip.
    Hehe, I just had to much fun listening to PVP Audio. Now it's late and I feel dang tired. Hmmm... must start moving over to Keenspace when I regain consciousness.
    Also thanks to Hot Soup I found PhoneFree.com This is my favorite techie toy since CD-burners.
strangefour November 13
    I'd like to thank my friends for another fun weekend. KANPAI! Especially since I was listen to the bootleg (ie Napster) Gundam CD. Thank you Mr. Maxwell:P And to Shortie, I think I can still smell that big eruption:P
    Here's another odd strip. I blame all the other web cartoonists for this one... Well atleast Poe and Lesnick. Which reminds me I haven't emailed any other comic strippers in a while.
strangefour November 10
    From a remote location deep in the Southern part of Jersey, I present Saturday's strip. It's kinda funky to be updating from a remote location. It just proves that no matter where I am, comedy must go on! Ofcourse If you don't find it funny... Bite me!
strangefour November 8
    Yawn! I'm a lil' tired. Go look at the comic. Actually I did two comic today, but you only get to see one. Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya. Calm down ya babies, the other one is for Saturday. I just did it early, since I've had alot of headaches lately, I planned ahead.
strangefour November 7
    Go over here for some old school anime fun. I grew up on Starblazers (Yamato) and Tranzor Z (Manzinger Z). Also start watching Blue Submarine No. 6 on Toonami at 6 PM. It's fricking cool... Well I can't think of a good description but it's become more important than dinner these last two days.
    Oh yeah, I'm *trying* to move over to Keenspace soon. So If I don't update that's why.
strangefour November 6
    Well I'm feeling slightly better. Mostly I'm just tired of all this election garbage. I did go out and vote and all, but thank the maker that now all these punk ass poloitical commercials end now. Over here
    I'm gonna go have a lie down now. Bah-bye!
strangefour November 3
    This has been a fun week. But I've also had a few headaches and gotten overly tired from driving on the Neo Joy-zee Turn-around-and-bend-over... I mean Turnpike. Anywho here is another comic strip before I fall asleep at the keyboard n nm uy7nhu hmbuyjm... Hmmm, Huh? What?
    Oh, I also finished coloring a pict I drew almost two weeks ago. Here it is, in all its synthetic glory. You can use it as a desktop... I am. I was inspired to finish it after watching Super Vegeta be that bad assed, short, pissed off, ego maniac that he is on DBZ today (I still hate the dubbing, but I'm really liking the BGM). Then Cell squashed him like a bug. *shrug*
strangefour November 1
    The last strip was a spur of the moment drawing. Which made me laugh a lot while trying to figure out what costumes they were all going to wear. I played way too much and threw in a few in gags that only my best friends will get. Now though, back to a strip in the continuing storyline. It's a miracle that it is up too. Okay funny story (or maybe not):
    Yesterday I went to a Halloween party. That in itself doesn't seem odd, but I didn't find out about it until 6PM as I was checking my email (late for once) and nuking some leftover Chinese (chicken w/ broccoli). I find out that a party that was canceled this weekend was back on and happening at 10PM. Now that doesn't appear out of the ordinary, but I had to drive 2 1/2 hours down to south Jersey to get to said party location. Needless to say I did make it on time. And since it was setup at the last minute almost nobody was in costume, but I haven't had that much fun in a damn long time.
    Mostly but to cute girls and lots of liquids from the grains food group%) The number one reason I was in euphoria was that I was hanging out with my best friend. Who I haven't seen in about three months, damn I did miss her alot:) Plus I got to draw while inibriated, which is always entertaining and often enlightening:P
strangefour October 31
    Well today we take a lil' break from the regularly schedualed storyline for a Halloween strip. Things will be back to normal on Thursday, as the search for the Lord Stanley's Cup continues... Oh sorry, my mind was elsewhere. GO DEVILS!!!
    Anywho how do ya' like the site redesign I'm messing with. It isn't finished yet, but it's getting there.
strangefour October 27
    Today's comic goes deep into the Pine Barrens of New Jersey... and comes back with... Well I'll ket you see the horror for yourself.
    Also I drew up another gift art, this time for Wendy the Comic. It's over in the marker page, even though I colored it... and had damn fun doing it too boot.
strangefour October 25

    Well, well, well. It looks like I got the strip done after all. Unfortunetally that's about the only thing. I'm waaaayyy behind in almost everything else I have on my plate. So I'm out but quick.
strangefour October 25

    This is a warning ahead of time that today's ßeta strip could be a might bit late. Why well the PvP audioshow is back tonight, and I like to listen to that madness. Plus I'm kinda behind to begin with, and I'm working on another strip on the side (it's b/w & I'm just doing the drawing, so it shouldn't interfere with Beta). But I'm currently wired on coffee, so ya never know.
    Tee-hee! *blush* I got linked over at Wendy the Stripp... err, Comic. And I didn't have to suck up or anything:P So get your arse over there if you've never been in Josh Lesnick's neck of the web before. He, along with Fred Perry (demi-god of big guns & beautiful girls) and Adam Warren (demi-god of big lips & speedlines), are my three favorite character designers. Well non-Japanese ones anyway.
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