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Every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday. Or there abouts :P

strangefour October 27
    Well today we take a lil' break from the regularly schedualed storyline for a Halloween strip. Things will be back to normal on Thursday, as the search for the Lord Stanley's Cup continues... Oh sorry, my mind was elsewhere. GO DEVILS!!!
    Anywho how do ya' like the site redesign I'm messing with. It isn't finished yet, but it's getting there.
strangefour October 27
    Today's comic goes deep into the Pine Barrens of New Jersey... and comes back with... Well I'll ket you see the horror for yourself.
    Also I drew up another gift art, this time for Wendy the Comic. It's over in the marker page, even though I colored it... and had damn fun doing it too boot.
strangefour October 25

    Well, well, well. It looks like I got the strip done after all. Unfortunetally that's about the only thing. I'm waaaayyy behind in almost everything else I have on my plate. So I'm out but quick.
strangefour October 25

    This is a warning ahead of time that today's ßeta strip could be a might bit late. Why well the PvP audioshow is back tonight, and I like to listen to that madness. Plus I'm kinda behind to begin with, and I'm working on another strip on the side (it's b/w & I'm just doing the drawing, so it shouldn't interfere with Beta). But I'm currently wired on coffee, so ya never know.
    Tee-hee! *blush* I got linked over at Wendy the Stripp... err, Comic. And I didn't have to suck up or anything:P So get your arse over there if you've never been in Josh Lesnick's neck of the web before. He, along with Fred Perry (demi-god of big guns & beautiful girls) and Adam Warren (demi-god of big lips & speedlines), are my three favorite character designers. Well non-Japanese ones anyway.
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