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strangefour October 23

    Now presenting today's comic. For those few of you that are actually reading it. According to my tracker less than a hundred people came by today. Normally I only get like 250, not alot in and of itself. *sigh*
    Oh yeah, I found a new online manga today, Luminosity Pro. It looks to be cool (it's about games too, who'da thunk), even if it is kinda new.
strangefour October 20

    Me nombre est Topo Gigo. El nudeisa comedia es la grande. Yo quero... I think I need a bigger box.
    Anywho, that's enough of foriegn language week. Since the only one I have any proficiency in is Nihongo. And even in that I'm limited to food, bad puns, and yelling. Speaking of manga & it's Bastard! child anime, my recent style update is in part thanks to Ploykarbon's tutorials. Plus getting bored and wandering around a bunch of manga artist pages helped too.
strangefour October 18

    Guten tag! Vo bist du? Das ist der komiken Ach shaiza... I can't remember any mo' German so...
    I hope you all like the new style of shading. It's faster, and I don't futz up as much as the dodge/burn/airbrush method. Yet it's still not exactly what I'm striving for yet.
    Oh and I just found a weird but interesting lil' comic strip. Unicorn & Butterfly is done completely in ASCII, now that's patience.
strangefour October 16

  Konnichi wa! ^-^ Kore wa renzokumanga desu. Wang ni naru ne? Watakushi wa hen na yon desu.
  For all of you who have come on over from, MegaTokyo or Exploitation Now, 'Wasabi! and got any Surge or Cheetos?' I thank Piro, Largo, and Poe for all the linkage. This is all going along with the grand plan.
  Initiative Alpha: "Collect page hits."
  Initiative Beta: "..."
  Initiative Gamma: "Profit."
  Or so I've been told:P
strangefour October 14

  Added a few more marker drawings for the weekend. Have fun staring at the 'Gift Art' pieces and all the random scribblings. Which can be blaimed on what I've been watching lately: all the web pages, Guyver 2: Dark Hero, Dark Angel, even Will & Grace fits in there too... somehow.
strangefour October 13

  Mwahahahahaah!!! It's Friday the Thirteenth... for a few more minutes. Here in Jersey it's been, well lame. Not a cloud in the sky and aside from a lil' computer trouble, normal. *sigh* I was hoping for a rain of frogs, deamons in the woods, or no traffic on the Turnpike. You know unnatural omens:p
  Oh, comic strip. Go feed on it ya lil' devils. InkTank snapped up the gift art happily. Life on Forbez linked me back. So this has been a good, if fast week.
strangefour October 12

  Well, I just scanned in a butt load of marker drawing I did this weekend. You can go see most of them over here. I think the lil' break was time well spent (next on A&E). It gave me a chance to work out my style some more, by messing around away from a computer.
  You can help out by looking at them and seeing if you appove of any of the T-shirt ideas, or have recommendations of your own. Such as do my renditions of Poe and InkTank's characters suck.
strangefour October 11

  Blah, blah, blah, comic strip blah, blah.
  I'm a lil' tired right now so this is just a quick post. I the morning I'll do more. Like retouching colors on the strip when at least four of my six senses are working. Bleagh:P
strangefour October 5

  Argh, me mateys here be ye strip o' comedy fur Saturday. Aye, it do be a day early but I shove off fur points north tomorrow. Arrr.
  As noted earlier, there will be no comic till Thursday. Atleast you get to visit other web toons. I'l be in the foliage-philes leafy dream that is Autumn in New England. *sigh* Okay I'll be really happy, but I'll still miss all the others.
  Such as Demise Comics, the proud producer of a new t-shirt, designed by the two great Scotts (Thigpen & Kurtz). Also I'll be missing the web-icasting of the Geek Olympics 2000 over at Real Life Comics.
strangefour October 5

  Well I could give you an excuse as to why the comic is late, but you probably don't care. All you want is the strip itself.
  The next strip will either be up later today, or you won't see any for a week:( I'm going to have a Vermont vacation this weekend. There shouldn't be a comic till next Thursday, yet I will have a bunch of sketches to show when I get back:P
strangefour October 2

  Hoo boy, this is gonna be a long post. First of is the first comic of October. Which is dedicated to Will Gordon, a friend of mine who recently passed away. I'm gonna miss your sketches man, which influenced my style a bit. Thanks Will.
  As noted in the forums, Thursdays cameos were Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade, Jade and Brent from PvP Online, Piro and Largo from MegaTokyo and Wendy and Lucy from Wendy. Saturday (though nobody seems to have played the guessing game on that one) had Dante and Web Monkey from Angst Technology, Bimbo and Ralph from Exploitation Now, and lil' EP hiding behind Hot Soup and Cabul from Lethal Doses. Have fun seeing who is in today's, thus ending "Cameo Week." One because I'm running out of fav strips, and two because it's a lot of drawing.
  Oh and I have to appologies to Cabul for what I did too him today's strip. It just seemed to naturally evolve from the last one:P And you might notice this comic looks a lil'... different. Actually it's going back to the way I used to do marker drawings, with a lil' help from that "how to comic" section over at InkTank's place. Those Ultra Fine Sharpies I got from Joe Kubert art supplies are a lot better than the Ripidographs I was using (DETAIL GOOD! SMEAR BAD!).
strangefour from the past
strangefour September 29

  Welcome, welcome. Mostly to anybody new here (by the way thanks for the link from MegaTokyo, Largo), and of course to all the loyal readers. Yup, I thank all half dozen of you individually. Okay that's a lie according to my tracker there are two... hundred of you every day. You make me want to do a lil' jig for joy, too bad I'm out of Kirin.
  And now for something completely different. It's my next lil' cameo fest. Actually I started putting other comic characters in the backgrounds because... well I needed somebody to fill up an airport. Plus it's fun. And I didn't just do it to gain attention... it is doing that though:P
  The main cameo is obvious, because Hot Soup foolishly let me play with the Lethal cast. Bwahahahaah! Just kidding Hot Soup:P
strangefour September 27

  Today here at BETA, we celebrate strip number 37. Why? Well if you're from Jersey, you know (or should). Also for the next few you get to play name the cameo:) That is identify what comic strip that the characters in the background come from. Most of them aren't hard, it's just fun for me to try and draw other people's characters.
  Hopefully you'll go talk amongst your selves about this in the forum. No there is no prize, sorry:(
strangefour September 25

  Today's strip is a lil' odd, I'll admit. But I kinda miss Elian, he was always a nice break on the news from all the death, destruction, polotics, baseball scores, and other tragedies. Maybe that's just me. I am watching the Olympics, and rooting for Japan. Mostly because America already has Rhode Island's weight in gold. Let somebody else win for a chance ya drug pumpin' chumps. Yes I'm talking to you China, lil' emaciated girl shouldn't have chest hairs.
  I fixed up the image links on all the pages to the forum. So get on over there, only one person has said hi there, thanks PezHed:)
strangefour September 22

  As promised here is the strip for Saturday, all warm and toast fresh from the dryer. The way I know you like it:P Yes it's starting another chunk of storyline. Well what else did you expect, drunken monkeys on electric scooters?
  Looky what I found, a place for my forum. I like ezboards, they are... well easy to set up:P hope ya'll have fun over there. Although I fear to see what has happened over there when I get up in the morning. And if the colors change, don't worry I'm still messing with it and adding stuff.
strangefour September 22

  God damn... son of a... smeggin'... piece of... URG!!! Why you make me hit you like a red headed step child, Soupy? Boot to the head!
  In case you are confused, I'm talking about Life on Forbez. I just found it last night, and I was going to list it hear anywa. But lo and behold today I go over to Lethal Doses and see that Hot Soup has already listed it (also found out that PA has mentioned it too). I thought I found this lil' gem of a Toriyama-esque Calvin & Hobbes with cute lil' alien kids. I guess all us comic creators are cut from the same loin cloth.
  Oh and yes the coimc will be up later. I'm just going out with freinds today so it might be a bit late (it's colored but textless right now).
strangefour September 20

  Today was a busy day away from my lil' online comic. Actually I went to a funeral. Which was a different experince for me. This was only the second time I have ever been in a western church for anything (the first time I was like 7 and had a bad muffin at Sunday school). Buddist temples on the other hand, off hand I'd say I've been in a dozen. Which was during the most influential part of my life, my trip to Japan. You'll probably notice results of that for as long as I do comics (ie forever or until I have enough money to permanently move to Japan). It's aslo created in me a closer affinity for a Zen view of the universe. Maybe I'll write a rant on that tomorrow.
  But I bet you were waiting forhere the Thursday strip. Well go read it then. Oh yeah and I put a lil' liny button over there incase anybody wants to use it:P
strangefour September 18

  Here is the continuing story of a Quake 'bot who has gone to the campers... wait that's not quite right:(
  Anyway here is the strip for Tuesday. It's just another part in what is quickly becoming a saga. I started planning to do a bunch of random lil' funny pictures to makes ya'll laugh. That is still happening, but these characters are taking on more life than I thought they would this early. At first I wanted some plotlines to last a week maybe two. Now the weeks just seem to logically flow into each other, with a new twist thrown in every so often to spice it up.
  So basically I'm having a lotta fun=D And keeping busy with some side projects too.
strangefour September 6

  Well today I'm giving y'all somethin' a lil' dif'ent. Arrr, here be fan art. I just had some fun after catching up on some of my fav comics. The one for Lethal Doses I did a few weeks ago but the PvPonline jpg I just made up today. Go ahead and visit PvP and if you have time drop in the forums (I usually do to while away odd hours). Actually I think I figured out a new trick in how to color my comics. Which I'll try out tomorrow (on the official due date, just a bunch of hours behind). Maybe I'll draw some fan stuff for a few of my other usual sites. Bye-Bee for now me hearties:P
strangefour September 5

  Well, I said I'd have another comic for today. It's just extra late. Here is today's comic. My computer still isn't working because I couldn't get in touch with anybody on Labor Day weekend. My family had a fun picnic on Sunday, so that ate up some of my time. And as mentioned before I saw by bestest lil' buddy off to college:) Which involve wathcing movies and eating more great food. Thanks Shortie:D
  Oh yeah, I also have to thank Mom. Since I got the comic done and uploaded off of her computer. Which was a lil' tricky and somewhat annoying since I didn't have my archive or fonts:( But it did work so the strip will go on. And hopefully my computer will be better before I go up to New Hampshire for the weekend.
strangefour September 1

  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Ugh... that feels better. Unfortunetly there will be no comic up on Saturday:( I'm having issues with my computer and while I can draw my comic. That's about all I can do, since all the stuff I have on my harddrive is currently inaccessable, and I was finally gonna get some jpegs in the sketch section too (that'll teach be to back up). Hopefully all will be better by Tuesday. Even if it isn't there definitely will be a comic then. No matter what I have to do:[ Well I can't do anything right now so I'm gonna go play Chrono Cross to relieve some serious stress, till my techie boys call.
strangefour August 31

  I got to play around a lil' with today's strip o' fun. You should notice the latest theatrical entertainment I have just witnessed. But beyond the obvious it's a homage to on of my favorite strips over at Lethal Doses. The idea for the comic came to me right as I left the theater. And thus was born "Lethal Science Theater" tm. Which will probably return next time see another movie I really like:)

strangefour August 29

  A sinus headache can be a real pain in the... well head. So here is the first comic of the week, just a lil' late. And no I don't actually have a page like the one mentioned. But if I had time I have enough jpegs to fill a few image archives. Tomorrow I'll be drawing Thursdays and hopefully the character picts of Sid and Nigel (the guys on the couch playing games). And why does nobody email me, well almost nobody. Guess I should reply to those who did faster.
  Oh yeah I saw GODZILLA 2000 today:) And it was good. So the peasants rejoiced. Yeah! Expect that to be filtering through my brain for a while. Especially since it was damn good. And I recognized one of the voice actors (the voice of Blackarcnia on Beast Machines). Which just proves that I can spot a voice anywhere. This is but one of my many great gifts:P

strangefour August 25

  Yeah! Another comic done on time. And they seem to be going along faster now. Still raiding through my old sketches for stuff that is fit to show the world, but most of them need retouching. If you're bored and want more comics go see PvP or PA.
  This weekend I'll be working on sketches and sarcasm and maybe some fan art about other strips. But I know I'm gonna read more of Faith of the Fallen and play more Chrono Cross. So I've got a full plate. Plus I gotta hang out with a friend who's going back to college next weekend some be patient if I'm lil' late in the coming days.

strangefour August 23

  Tomorrow's comic is early because... well it just is. Lethal Doses has gone on a haitus:( But Hot Soup sez it'll be back soon, he just needs to take break and tweek some stuff.

strangefour August 22

  This comic is a slight departure from the usual strips. Well in some degrees, but the creative mayhem included there in is when I'm taking my lil' embrionic comic. BETA is my bizarre playground of the mind that crosses reality in the form of the ficticions Desktop Deamons video game company. Which is located in Little Purgatory, or as us locals call it New Jersey.
Why? Well I think it's funny that's why. Don't question me. Go back to reading your the comics. Go see the (friendly:) competition. Like Lethal Doses, my digital drug of choice.

strangefour August 19

  Here's just a quick post with my comic for today. Yeah, it's inspired buy THE CELL, but I drew the strip before seeing it. All I did was change a few lines from my origional script pre-movie. The movie is... not bad, can't say it was great either. It had pottential but got too gory for me in a few scenes (should have been NC-17 or lost a few minutes to editing). And I love Fight Club as my second favorite movie of all time.

strangefour August 17

  WiiGii!! This one is actually done ahead of schedual. Well, my regular schedual anyway. It should really have been done before midnight, but feh! It's also a mild game o' "name that quote" from the last panel. The prize is a breaded roll at 3 in the morning at some diner with me. Or another comic on Saturday. You decide:P

strangefour August 16

  One more comic is done and up. The next one is still at pencil stage, but it's late. So it isn't getting finished tonight. Rejoice though, I have the next week already scripted. That's actually the hard part. All the drawing and coloring is fun time:)
Well see y'all tomorrow.

strangefour August 15

  Well today I'm pushing the comic back a day. Why you ask? Because I'm working on writing a bunch o' strips, and I added a few bits o' code and some extra images to the pages. Like the front page jpg on the intro page. So tomorrow I'll be drawing two comics for y'all:P

strangefour August 12

  Passing over last weeks "lost episodes" here is comic sixteen, comic seventeen, and comic eighteen. I should be able to keep to the regular schedual now (give or take a few hours). the only thing coming up soon is a BBQ and going to see more movies. Speaking of which I suggest you all go see GODZILLA 2000. Why you ask? Well it can't suck as much as the big america iguana we had. So it has bad dubbing and lots of lil' models being destroyed. Those are the good bits:)

strangefour August 8

  *sigh* I don't want to give excuses for being two weeks behind. So other than mentioning writers block, I'll tell you nothing else. I've put up three more comics and will have this week up by Saturday. Last week will be a blank spot until I have some ideas and time to fill in "lost episodes." Here is comic ten, comic eleven, and comic twelve.

strangefour July 31

  Ooops, here is the verrry late comic. My trip to the shore kinda messed up my schedual. So I've lost a week, unless I can whip out a few cheap jokes this week. But atleast I got some sketches done. Now I've learned my lesson, if I go away for a week I make the strips ahead of time. Oh well, now I'll go back to writing up some strips. See ya my peeps;)

strangefour July 20

  Okay, another comic is here. And now I gots some linking buttons for the archives. I hope you can all live without me for the weekend. Cause I'm going to the Shore. Why? Because... hehehe. Don't panic Saturday's strip will just be late. I already have it written and it will be drawn (along with some doddles) on the beach.
So long true believers.

PS Go see X-Men... again if necessary.

strangefour July 18

  Well I started putting up the character page and the archive page. They look a lil' skimpy on content right now. I'll have to BS some text to fill space and tweek the design. The links page will probably be up early tomorrow. Oh yeah, ya'll gots a new comic to read too.

strangefour July 16

  Huzzah! Post #2 Yeah i know it's really late but nobody's been lookin' at this page so it doesn't really matter. Except to me. But this time I have the 5 late comics to post. Now I just have to get the acchive workin' tomorrow and tell all my peeps. And there will be a new one sometime on Tuesday. Well here are the comics second strip & third strip & fourth strip & fifth strip & sixth strip.

strangefour July 4

  Yeah! My very first post:) But damn it has taken me a long time. Oh well, from now on I should post a new comic every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (or there abouts). That is if I can keep comin' up with classic comedy like this first strip.